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PostSubject: Admiral - Eastern Pack   Admiral - Eastern Pack Icon_minitimeSat Feb 15, 2014 2:55 pm

Name: Admiral. Nothing more, nothing less.

Gender: Male

Age: 3 years, 6 months.

Desired Rank/Pack: Beta Male, if that is available. If not? Platoon Captain or Champion would suffice.

Bio: Admiral is an observer: a visitor to Spaceship Earth. He is forever mentally logging down information about the place of which he lives, testing out and bouncing ideas off of his incredibly creative and diverse mind - he is fiercely intelligent. He does this so often, he could be called a visionary, in a way - always playing with his own theories and ideas. He will refuse to perform a task the same way twice, and almost has a "mad scientist" approach to life, always thinking "what if" and "how come". It wasn't even something he had been conditioned to think about - he had always been this way, so much so that sometimes he has complaints from others to just enjoy something and not think about how it works or what was the reasoning behind it. Despite his planning, however, he will always forget to look at the details - he's a "big picture" person, and although he's happy to think up the plans, he's not so fond of putting them in action, and will need prompting to do so.

This thinking part of Admiral is a very private part of his personality: he doesn't like to tell people exactly what he thinks, and even to his loved ones his analyzing brain processes were something that were private to him - he would only come out with the logical answer, not the reason behind it and the way he came to that answer. In other things, too, he's very private: he doesn't like to talk about his history, and although he's pleasant enough to colleagues and those he knows, he won't volunteer information about himself voluntarily.

Without someone keeping him in check, Admiral finds it very hard to continue living without being arrogant, overly blunt and almost reclusive in his manner. He can't help himself: he can easily get carried away with his thoughts and theories, and will easily retreat inside his own mind without constant stimulation from the outside world all the time. Whenever someone disturbs him, he instantly snaps and usually unleashes a blunt torrent of words - he needs someone to keep him in check.

Another aspect of Admiral is his love of debates and of conversation: he's a born and fluent conversationalist. He loves to spar with others verbally, and likes to bounce ideas off of people and to test out his intellect upon others. He will not take such debates personally, though - he is usually very non-judgemental (apart from with those he considers unworthy of his ideas, of which he has no patience with), and sees it as just a mental exercise, not actually to be taken personally. He loves to talk and is very friendly with others. Additionally, he is very honest. This, however, can also turn out to be a negative trait: he doesn't care about others' feelings when it comes to this sort of thing, and can be seen as overly critical and blunt. When asked a question, he doesn't mince words. This, however, does not make him unfeeling - he can care a lot and does this upon occasion upon occasion upon occasion.

Despite his desperate thirst for knowledge, however, Admiral will take only little interest in other people, and usually spends a lot of time inside his own mind. Unless the wolf proves 'interesting' to him, he will rarely pay any attention, and will usually point blank dismiss those who he considers of lower intelligence from both his sight and his thoughts. Why spend time with those unequal to himself? However, if he does find you 'interesting', you can be certain that you will probably frustrate the living daylights out of him as he tries to work out every atom of your being - and, if he does consider you to be of the same level as himself, intellectually or otherwise, you can be certain, too, that you have earned your respect with him. He'll also be nicer to you, which is overall a good thing, for no one, and I repeat no one, wants to see Admiral when he has woken up on the wrong side of the bed, so to speak. He can also take a direct disliking to a wolf for seemingly no reason whatsoever, and this opinion cannot be shaken out of his mind easily.

However, if you do get past these unpleasant points and do like what you see when it comes to Admiral, you won't be disappointed. Admiral has few friends, but the ones he does have he protects with great loyalty. To his leaders and superiors, he delivers, quite frankly, and is great at nosing out gossip and will not hesitate to show this or any other secrets he happens to know from his travels to the alpha/alphess.

There is one area where Admiral falls short in, to be honest with you. That area is called "Romance", and, quite frankly, he has no experience in this - he's better with logical thinking than with emotions. However, if he were to have a mate, one can be assured that this would be one who is intellectual, just like him, and appeals to his sense of humour, which usually lies dormant. An ideal mate would be one of the qualities listed above, would also have the capability to remain independent within their "marriage", and would be able to keep him in check - something that is needed, as also said above.

All in all, Admiral is an intelligent "idea generator" - always playing with theories and ideas, mentally sharp and quick. At his bad points, he can be blunt, arrogant and incapable of using ideas: his mind is rendered useless by stress and panic, and in this state he can often remain devoid of even the most obvious ideas. At his good points, he can be caring, considerate and intellectual. Admiral makes few friends, but the ones who do usually feel privileged to be in such a position. Or so he thinks.

Secret Phrases: -Removed by Doxy-

Picture(s): Admiral - Eastern Pack Edersee-093
Photograph (c) Dawnthieves photographers.

Backstory (optional): Admiral grew up in an authoritarian pack where everyone did as they were told and thought through logic and reason alone. He was the heir to the throne, and for this reason, he was given an even stricter upbringing from the other pups, as though this would have mattered - Admiral was how he was before the training, and the training only really increased the bad parts of his personality and destroyed some of the good, for he did, and has never, responded well to traditional teaching. During the day, his father would teach him the fundamental points about how to be a leader, and, during the evenings, his mother could teach him how to hunt, fish and track down scents before the other pups were even allowed to start.
However, none of this training would prepare him for the day where everything changed.
Admiral himself was a yearling at the time, and it was the eve of his titling as the official "prince" of the pack. The rest of the pack were sleeping, but he himself was a bundle of nerves, and for this reason, and for this reason alone, he went off by himself to let off steam and to maybe do a bit of hunting. He was in the woods when suddenly, he heard a sound - like a wolf in pain, and another attacking.
Stealthily, he approached, only to see the frail frame of his own mother on the ground and a rogue attacking her viciously. Admiral, heart pounding, approached - but the rogue, sensing he was there, let out a crisp howl and then vanished into the undergrowth, where a small stream lay. He was gone, leaving Admiral with his dying mother.
Admiral hadn't had any training about herbs and healing - his father had thought it unnecessary, and so he quietly whimpered as his mother died.
He didn't know how long he was there, but either way, wolves started to filter into the area, and his father soon arrived. It became evident that Admiral was to be considered guilty of murder: the murderer had already gone, and it's scent had been washed away in the stream. There had been no sightings, and so his father took the logical action: to have Admiral either killed or sent into exile. Admiral chose the latter, and both parted ways.

Example Post: This was from a by-gone RP from a while back, with a different character. On average I post about five or six paragraphs per post, but this, of course, can change and will change depending on the factors of muse, how much time I have to write and what is actually happening in the roleplay at the time.

The water rushed past the small girl, partially hidden in the foliage as she was. Others, older and more experienced, perhaps - or even younger than her, still getting used to the wonder and supposed magic of the world outside of the den - would have gazed into it's depths, feeling a deep sense in turn of calm and serenity. That was why the river was named that, after all. Yes, others would have sat by this river every day, calmly gazing as it rushed past, seeking the answer to life and all it's problems....
But no; Eliza wasn't there to gaze at the river, the huge water body which would knock her off her paws and send her under if she got too close. She was there for looking, yes, but looking at another thing entirely.
The yearling gazed at her reflection, muddled as it was by the constant flow of water. Oh, how beautiful she looked! Much more beautiful than the other females - her own sisters, even. Her slim frame, her soft, ivory white fur....and her eyes, like two polished gems. Oh, no, she wasn't like all those other ones, those wolves with that disgusting brown fur and those ordinary brown eyes. So common. So bog-standard, so common-or-garden. Eliza didn't even know if she would be able to bear it, having such a boring appearance. How did they get through life, looking like that, she would wonder as they passed her by from within her hiding place, here under the trees and bushes. It was ghastly, it really was.
But she wouldn't make herself melancholy by thinking of such horrible things: no, she could sit here in comfort and privacy, looking down at her own beautiful features, sinking into a meditative state. It was quite a nice spot, here by the river. Maybe she could stay here for a bit - what of it if there were a few adults nearby from the pack? She wouldn't care. They'd leave her alone, anyway. She went back to her reflection.
Well, she would have done, if it weren't for the noises nearby.
Eliza looked up from her silent and still reverie, ears pricked with sudden alarm. Had she heard voices, the distinct murmurings of conversation? It certainly sounded that way, but she wasn't sure. She glanced back at the river, reluctant to leave her reflection - the only thing in this weird place that she recognised and loved; even if she didn't know where she was, while travelling through the lands as a young nomad, her beautiful reflection was there to help her, and it had helped her now by finding her these wolves to talk to. To leave it was like leaving a friend behind, a friend that was, admittedly, silent, but a friend nonetheless. If I get lost, I'll follow the river back, she thought, tearing her gaze away from the swirling waters. I won't be long. It was almost as though she was speaking to the reflection.
And with that, she padded towards the sound.
It didn't take her long to find the pair. One male, one female from what she could see - they were talking, and they smelt weird. Always to judge on physical appearances first, she instantly dismissed the male, looking intently towards the female's pelt. She looked remarkably similar to Eliza in all but eye colour: while Eliza was a fern green, this female was a sapphire blue. What were they talking about? She strained her ears to listen.

"The river is this way."

They lived here, then? They were a part of the pack....that was interesting, she had never seen them before. She continued to watch them for a moment, trying to seem if they were friendly or not. Usually, she wouldn't have bothered with this, but following recent events....they seemed like they knew each other pretty well, though. Maybe they were friends of some sort, or even mates or something like that. If they had friends or mates, they were friendly, right? No one could have friends if they were mean, and if they were friendly that meant that they wouldn't drive her away or tell her to eat her meat properly and not let it hang out of her mouth and they'd be nice to her, wouldn't it? Eliza herself nodded at this statement, but remained unsure.
There was only one way to find out though, wasn't there?
With a burst of childish confidence, she walked forward. She could imagine their faces now: open-mouthed at this beautiful young goddess from the river. She was sure they would appreciate her beauty. Of course they would! She was Eliza, not some stuck-up little brat who thinks herself better than she was.
"Hello, I'm Eliza. Who are you and what are you doing here? You disturbed me from looking at my reflection."
Oh, what the perfect introduction! They'd love her at once, she had seen to that.
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PostSubject: Re: Admiral - Eastern Pack   Admiral - Eastern Pack Icon_minitimeSat Feb 15, 2014 3:06 pm

Approved! Thanks for joining!
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