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 Eclipse - Eastern Pack (WIP)

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PostSubject: Eclipse - Eastern Pack (WIP)   Eclipse - Eastern Pack (WIP) Icon_minitimeWed Feb 12, 2014 6:42 pm

Name: Eclipse
Desired Rank/Pack:
Nursery Wolf
Small would be an understatement for this unusually petite female, Eclipse was the runt of her litter and is around half the size of a normal female though she does not allow that to hinder her at all. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality and definitely is a force to be reckoned with if you catch her on a bad day. Eclipse is not afraid to speak her mind and can certainly give you a good tongue lashing that you will not forget. Feisty, yes, quite so, but this little fae does have a sweet and tender side to her that only few have ever seen. There wasn't a mean bone in her entire body and the little she-wolf was as timid as a mouse if not more so, and it was rare to see her even socialize. One wolf, one male, was all it took for her to slowly open up. He was so understanding and didn't tease her like the other's did for her not fitting in with the rest of the pack; he was her first and true friend. Or at least she thought... Here she finally allowed another wolf in only to be bit in the back; turned against. And because of that male everything changed for sweet, little Eclipse, she just... snapped.

She hasn't been the same since then nor will she ever be... The only things she has a soft spot for anymore are pups.

Secret Phrases: -Removed by Doxy-
 Eclipse - Eastern Pack (WIP) 1zaow9
Back story:
To be explained during the RP!
Example Post:

(From Another site)

So far, so good. It seemed that this heist was going well at this point. Not a single one of the ground patrol had caught onto them nor had they had a chance to alert any of the other guards before being dispatched by either the lycan or the Fallen. Thankfully these goons were petty humans so killing them was easy, but in due time they would respawn elsewhere in this lovely afterlife they lived in. Faolan wished to hurry but not hurry enough where it got them caught before they even set foot in the facility. As far as he knew, and what he could recall from his last visit, most of the guards were scattered around the perimeter and up in one of the towers stationed on the eastern and western end. So once inside all they had to worry about was getting attacked by the goons inside who packaged everything and went out selling their merchandise. He had never gotten very far last time so he only knew a bit of information about what laid in wait for them on the inside. Fao stayed tucked behind the treeline for cover and moved farther up ahead while his partner in crime went in for her kill. If anyone wandered close enough to see catch her in the act he could easily take them out as well, this was his way of covering her. And none of them would even come close if he could help it.

The lycan had always been curious about Cameron's powers, sure he had known her for many years now, but his curiosity had never ceased. There wasn't a single creature out there that he had met that could do the same. It was a truly wondrous sight in his opinion. More that he thought on it, he was kinda boring; he couldn't do anything besides shift into an over sized canine. Faolan shrugged it off and pushed all the nonsense thinking away to focus. If he didn't things could take a turn for the worst. Quickly she dispatched the two guards, elegantly with her powers at that, and proceeded to search their bodies for anything of use or maybe something to snatch for their own pockets. Keys found on one of the men were thrown his way and as he left the treeline he caught them in mid air, he didn't know what they went to but they could find out very soon when they reached the mini bunker. Faolan nodded towards her, a way of silently saying good work, then proceeded to move to the next guard. This time, he was well alone, not another goon in sight besides the one that was conveniently near their little entrance into the heaven for pot lovers.

Faolan paused though, something had him frozen right in his tracks as he looked towards that man. A low growl rumbled from his chest, his two toned eyes flashed gold as the change was upon him not by his will but by pure anger and hatred. He knew this one, he knew his scent, and that long scar that ran from his temple down to his jaw was a dead give away. This man was the one that had put the bullet in his head last time he had tried to slip in and steal some weed. This was the one that had stole his plants, too . Oh Fao was going to have fun with this one, it would be a slow and merciless death, he would know what true pain felt by the time death stole him away. Motioning to his accomplice that this one was his kill, he moved in for it without a lick of hesitation. The man never knew Faolan was even there till he launched himself at him and took him to the ground, snarling in his pitiful face there was a spark of recognition from the victim; he knew this wolf. But Faolan wouldn't give him a chance to shoot him again, not in the head at least. Before the man got the chance, Fao had him pinned to the muddy ground soon to be saturated with this prick's blood."Ive been waiting for this..." The lycan whispered voice laced with malice, the other tried kicking him off but to no avail. Hungry gaze locking on his victim, he began to slowly carve him up starting with his abdomen, fangs locked around the other's throat to prevent him from screaming. While he kicked out his intestines and organs he dug farther up into his chest cavity continuing to rip him up even more. He truly wanted to hear his screams but that wasn't wise now since he didn't want to be discovered at the time. Faolan sunk his fangs deeper and deeper into his throat, that sweet sweet taste of blood over flowing from the inflicted wounds. Even after he was dead and gone, Fao continued to tear at him till he had had enough. Finally, he stopped his vicious attack and backed off of the corpse, the whole front of his white coat all stained with the crimson that had left that man.

Licking his lips, he slowly reverted back to a man and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, looking down at himself now covered in blood. Oh well, there was going to be more anyways. Spitting on his victim, Fao motioned for her to follow as he hurried on towards the weak spot in the fence directly in front of the small building they needed to get into. Those fools hadn't even repaired it... Bending the chain links back a bit he force a hole in the fence like he had before big enough for the both of them to fit through. Wriggling through he bolted for the shed. This was where that key came into play. Looking around his surroundings Faolan made sure the coast was clear before he proceeded to unlock the hatch and slip inside. Things hadn't really changed in here, they had increased supplies but it appeared that the trap door to the tunnel system had been left alone too. Perfect...
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Eclipse - Eastern Pack (WIP)
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