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PostSubject: Stained Glass Eyes   Stained Glass Eyes Icon_minitimeSat Feb 22, 2014 4:15 am

Amongst the ridden white lands stood a mere figure outlined by the sun's morning gloried rays, casting it's image as one with nature would to represent to that only one individual could decipher. What she lacked, was regained with grace and poised collectively to move onwards of her travels, journeying far and wide for all there was to see, hear, sense and taste. The colors of the wind smoothed through the air like the thin white sails of a small sea boat at shore, swaying with the rhythm to what the ocean controlled and blissfully - evermore so quiet. The delicate fae drew a soft breath before it caught the brisk, chilled feeling that something was abrupt her paths. Emeralds; a natural given deep green averted slight glances over her surroundings, holding her lungs for just a moment long enough before spotting a perched prey nibbling at the life of a potential nut. Her body tensed still in motion as she approached the creature. Her paws were silent and her movements were of nothing more than pure stealth and readiness as they contracted tightly beneath her arrayed colored pelt.

Her tongue lapped over the fuzzed skin of her maw as she could almost just tasted the bitter-sweetness within the prey's meaty goodness between her teeth. But her paws were unnoticed quickly before she left the trace of a loud, jaw-cracking break over a twig beneath her claws. She tensed at the sound, biting hard to go as still as a cement statue. But it was too late. Her meal had left her high and dry and lonely within the banks of snow, causing her stomach to rumble with distaste of her unaware fault. There was a possibility to where she could follow the hare tracks in the direction where it may or may have not stopped, but she was not going to waste her time dilly-dallying on whelp-like moments. The smell of a potential pack waft against the contours of her nostrils, raising her head high above her normal level to sense a better of which way it came from.

Flakes of white latched onto her ankles as she drug her numbed paws through the thick layers of snow, trudging along quietly with a few pants to be heard here and there to her rightful destination. The scent seemed light and almost foreign, like as if it was barely there at all for she presumed their numbers were low. It was ruled by a masculine odor, to what she knew was in fact a male to be the leader of these territories. Her eyes returned with awe as they come across the dividing lines between loner and pack, sending silently on her own before raising her snout towards the sky. Out sang a melodic howl that could be heard for miles, singing long and proud for the master's arrival to come and rescue her for her future haven here amongst these here woods. When she was finished, the fae lowered her face back down and waited patiently for to whomever was in charge to appear, averting her gaze forwards through the shadows of the forest before her with utmost care and divinity.
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PostSubject: Re: Stained Glass Eyes   Stained Glass Eyes Icon_minitimeSat Feb 22, 2014 5:18 am

Staring ever so intently into the forest that was shrouded by a pure white blanket, Temple's ears perked up as a call ran into them. It was strong and proud, something Temple needed in this pack, something more. He stood to his paws and began walking into the forest from which he had heard the howl. The snow was thick and would freeze any wolf to death, but this has been Temple's home since birth and it gave him no trouble. He was used to this kind of weather and knew the forest very well for he himself used to roam these lands as a pup. But those days no longer lingered in his memory now that he was in charge of rebuilding the former Western pack to its glory. Food was very scarce and Temple's stomach was beginning to hug itself as if trying to find the last bit of nourishment. If his luck was high enough, he could come across a hare.

Further and further Temple traveled until he reached the pack borders; the scent of an unfamiliar wolf began to guide his nostrils towards it. The scent smelled that of a she-wolf, and a strong one at that. "I wonder what kind of skills this one will deliver to the pack." he thought to himself as he began to trot towards the scent. Closer and closer Temple came to the scent until he spotted a figure just over the line of the border. A golden gray mixture that seemed to travel all over covered the rogue she-wolf who stood by. She was attractive just by a glance that he had quickly casted, but something else caught his eyes; it was hers. The emerald green iris' of her eyes that seemed to lead another to a completely different world if they were to gaze at it for to long filled the coloring. The remarkable swirls of ash that protected those same eyes, gorgeous to say the least.

Temple began to walk towards the edge of the border. keeping his guard and making sure that he showed no sign of fragility. "What is your purpose?" he asked sternly, keeping his bearing and showing no signs of weakness. Though she too seemed to hold the same thoughts as he, but her eyes gave him a second thought. He was becoming lost and distracted within those eyes, but quickly broke our of the gaze. Keeping his posture strong, Temple remained ever so still, tall, and stern as he awaited for her to speak.
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PostSubject: Re: Stained Glass Eyes   Stained Glass Eyes Icon_minitimeSat Feb 22, 2014 12:32 pm

The words of the born leader flitted within the air that tickled at her nose, taking the matter of small, measly moments to trace an image of his silhouetted structure. His dominance proved best within him to a degree, washing over his shoulders like waves would do from the spout of a cascading waterfall deep within the rainforests, and his movements proceeded with strong graceful strides as he approached her, almost instantly catching her attention at first sight. She was magnetically inclined to answer the higher, charming soul, but she was too busy in taking in all there was to see and enjoying the view from a safe far. These were his lands, not hers, but something about it was already enough welcoming as it is. His words were strong and deep as they asked one of the simplest questions there was out there for a leader to ask a lowly vagabond. Perhaps it was now her turn to play from her deck of cards to keep the game of hellos continuing.

Freedom. Her mind shouted with glee that someone with a pulse had finally come across her own dwelling amongst the lonely, quiet lands to where she tread. Oh how wonderful it could've been if she could speak her mind without a worry to be worried, but she knew if she did that, things would become rather messy and she'd have difficulty trying to repair those mistakes. Apocalypse knelt her head to the ground before extending her entire frame downwards, stretching her paws to pivot in front of her face while burying her snout between her legs, tail lowered to prove her lower rank of the hierarchy, "My Lord," she began, her angelic tones corresponding to her heavenly voice and all to that divided the silence, "I've come here in hopes of finding a pack and a reason to stay with the world we live on today. I wish nothing more than to be with one of your ranks and prove the best of my abilities when doing so." The fae then rose to her normal stance, keeping her grey and golden bronzed tail to sway back and forth against the back of her hind legs.

It was nothing more than a relief to see that the Alpha was here instead of any others that were expected to watch the borders. She knew his purpose and hers, but she needed to know the name of this lonesome soul, for he was not masked with any other scents besides his own. Fascination filled her to a great brim, toppling her mind before breaking the reverie to think clearly, for there was still much to be discussed, "You may refer to me as Apocalypse; I've trained at an early age from my parents and the Elite's experiences. Fighting is found in a lot of individuals amongst my born pack as we were all trained to learn defenses against our enemies in the case we'd need to survive on our own. I am welcome to any rank you grant me or the need to wish me off elsewhere. You have my word of trust and all of that is expected of my future duties if given." She batted her lashes in a sort of innocent gesture to mask to that couldn't be detected from her past. The images of fire still grew inside her eyes as plain as day, but none were in need to hear such a story, not just yet. Time was to be earned first and foremost.
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PostSubject: Re: Stained Glass Eyes   Stained Glass Eyes Icon_minitimeSat Feb 22, 2014 9:11 pm

Temple was impressed as how she introduced herself. "You don't have to bow to me. Though I am your alpha, this is a pack of free wolves. I am Temple." he said while holding his gaze at her. "You history seems interesting, but one can only know for sure what others do by viewing it. You seem to have qualities of leadership in your blood, the rank of delta should be sufficient enough. You may work your way up from there." said Temple as his ears flattened and eyes squinted from the breathe of the cold. It was unusual for this kind of weather to be this cold, but Temple ignored it and continued to speak. "This may not be the best of times to discuss this, follow me to the den." he said, turning towards salvation.

Temple knew there was so much more to her past than what she had told him, but things of such take time to be revealed. Temple knows this better than anyone, for he has only mentioned to a few of his dark history. After all, does not the future become the present, the present become the past, and the past become history? But then again, history tends to repeat itself overtime. Though these thoughts began to fill his mind like rain in a pond, Temple snapped out of thought to return to the world of realism. He would be able to tell her more about himself in the den, for it was much safer than being out here. But one more thing continued to linger in his thoughts...where were the other two?
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PostSubject: Re: Stained Glass Eyes   Stained Glass Eyes Icon_minitimeSat Feb 22, 2014 9:41 pm

~Continued to the Alpha's Den~
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PostSubject: Re: Stained Glass Eyes   Stained Glass Eyes Icon_minitime

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