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 The Apocalypse Has Begun

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PostSubject: The Apocalypse Has Begun   The Apocalypse Has Begun Icon_minitimeSat Feb 22, 2014 2:26 am

Name: Apocalypse [Uh-poc-cal-ips]

Gender: Female

Age: 2.5 years

Desired Rank: Delta Female; intends to eventually work up in rank.

Desired Pack: Western Pack

Bio: The female is averagely built, with thin toned legs carved from the bit of training she received in surviving, possessed with common knowledge and greatness of the works of combat for protecting one's self or her own. Her eyes are an emerald green, accompanied with flecks of swirling fiery evergreen ashes to dance around her irises, able to keep out for any danger and easily targeted. She is most typically formed and bred out of beauty, but barely recognizes it for her mind is always elsewhere with the world. She is stunning, yet the fact males see her as something small and fragile, she holds a secretive knowledge to know the right from wrong. Besides her magnificent pair of orbs, the fae inherited the color of her father, in which includes soft greys that mix with lighter shades of a golden brown and tints of darker greys towards her back and the length of her snout, face and ears.

Secret Phrases: -Removed by Doxy-


Summary: Within the harsh snow and ridden forestry, a nervous Delta male paced outside the walls of the caretaker's den, waiting and frantically walking back and forth as he waited for the news to be brought. When he had just to begin to think she had not made it, one of the head Caretakers slowly emerges from the darkness and welcomes him in with a warm smile to see the litter of one laying at his mate's side. It was their first, but not of the last that were soon to come in the future they prayed. The pup was female, and held the looks of his own, aside from her mother's deepened emerald hues and small body, she was a spitting image of her father alone. When introduced to the pack, they took her under their wing and brought the fae their blessings of welcome, and soon enough putting her into immediate training at Apprenticing age. Being the Deltas', they taught her at first paw how to fight and survive, and when she was put at the pack's attention of what she liked to do most in, she proved her greatest abilities in fighting over all. Her name was Apocaylpse, unknown of the reason behind it, besides the likeness it brought to some attention. Strikingly beautiful she seemed, but she was best described as a sly fae, easy on the eyes, but more or less a fox-like wolf when it came to small talk.

At the age nearing two, a terrible case of diseases spread throughout the lands and as the weather climates shifted, so did the position of the wolves within their pack. Lost on a blizzard, they parted unintentionally, and Apocalypse was forced into never seeing her other packmates again. Their Alphas being the few that were with them, lead the other wolves, as well as her, to be put in the state to rank further up so they'd have someone to lead. Thankfully, the Elites took hold and led them to safety. Apocalypse and the rest worried furiously to fill the pack's supply of food and prepared for more drastic times to occur, and at last, it resided to spring a whole another month later. More and more wolves would join, and soon they flourished into a wonderful pack like they once were again. An elder, much older and wiser than she mentored the younger fae until she reached eligible age, taking on the amounts of training and hunting to survive perfectly by herself. She is now more of the independent type, but when things are too tight to judge or complain, she worries of nothing else but to get the job done correctly.

When time slowly moved along, a wild-fire struck up in the summer, scorching the fields easily with one strike until it caught onto wood. It spread rapidly, and Apocalypse and the rest were left with no other choice but to run like the wolves they were. Running away, she suddenly heard the cries of a mere pup, howling and whining to be freed as she discovered it was caught underneath a small branch. Quickly, the Warrior removed it and grabbed the offspring before another a-blazed branch could drop upon them. She panted, sprinting this time with the pup's burned scruff between her teeth. A gasp screamed from her mouth as a huge tree fell over in her path, flying up ashes to burn in her eyes, whipping her head away so she could soon see, but tripping over something short to loose hold of the pup. It screamed when it hit the ground, and Apocalypse got to her feet, widening her eyes in fear and horror as the small wolf fell into the fire and went up in flames. Before she could do anything else or shriek, the fae broke out of her revery and shook her head, howling on her way out of the fire, where she then began to start her long journey to shelter.

Example Post: This is a more recent post of my writing from another site..

Her name - it was spoken so softly and so wonderfully as he said it behind her. Just that, it made her insides burn and then cruelly freeze over in a sort of teasing battle with the good and bad. She refused to look at him and closed her eyes tightly as her head averted downwards so that it was facing the stone-cold floor that caused her paws to feel numb. It hurt her heart to hear him say only one, meaningful word in such a depressing tone, for she knew the reason behind it all was mere confusion. It's mass and power could not withstand the silence and practically tugged on her body to be free from it's restraints. It was as if her internal organs were no longer receiving life and all pictures had stopped moving. Her stomach churned like the world was some how off balanced and she was actually seated sideways as there was no gravity to make her stand up right. Free me. They spoke in eerie voices, swirling around amongst the dark thoughts she never sought to ever see or knew of. What was this destruction; this over-powering feeling that grew to large sizes around her heart and in through her bloodstream.  Images of her body crumpled against the floor, wedged into a tight corner seemed heart-stopping to see, but before her they displayed into the reflection of her hues and sent her far back into a stance.

The background warped through time, but her body remained distill and empty to where the cave's opening stood. She could see her younger self playing alone in the meadows, her fur much lighter than it was and her mind just as vulnerable - so innocent, she remembered. The apprentice sat at the landscape's center, peaceful as she watched the skies as clouds would hover over her head in clutters of cotton-like pluffs in all kinds of shapes and sizes. She looked happy. Then another small figure, a dark figure with the eyes to the color of the blue beyond above moved to her side and sat with a soft, gentle smile across his face. He looked at her as if she were the most valuable thing on earth, like nothing could break her or destroy her as long as he was there. Cliche looked at the strange pictures before blinking the dryness out of her ambers to feel herself being nudged back inside. The reverie broke in half and instead of the young male's face was phased to one much older, and wiser to stare into her eyes. He spoke of the weather, but she was simply struck with awe by how the lightning's clashed flashes contrasted against the reflection of his hues and the light gleaming surface of his luscious onyx coat. Where had this dark angel come from, and why was she this blessed to now see it? He could not of been more beautiful, more extremely handsome for her to misplace as another creature. Cliche never knew beauty was such a thing till she saw the way his eyes sparkle into hers as bright as spring water.

"Dying can't be all that bad.." Her words were a deceased and empty silence that could be mistaken for anything besides happiness. The lions and tigers of the sky that roared over her pawsteps seemed to hover over her with regret, towering her remorseful feelings deeper and deeper - brushing their breaths of cold air against her honey and brown mixed fur to make it stand up on end. She shivered helplessly due to that she could not keep war for long, reaching to a stop just short of when Tye began to close the gap of space. Breathing normally became near to impossible, and all the oxygen had left her desperate lungs in which grew rigid and defenseless. The sounds of nature outside was not but only a distant song as his voice cleared out everything else for her to hear. Every movement, twitch and contraction to what his body made sent a bit more happiness inside her to flicker and kindle a sense of hope. Her eyes became aflame with lust and passion in seeing such a work of art so close and connected against her. Her lightly bronzed cheek pressed against his chest to hear his heart beating. It was loud and strong as he spoke, and she counted each pulse to make sure she was not dreaming.

One... two... three..

In soft, gentle ways, her muscles formed against his side to make a whole, pleasantly unbinding what was left to keep her steady to be broken off for her to do what she liked. Cliche's eyes faded to a close the closer her body pressed into his. His words only making her warm and less fragile as they cooed into her mind and eased the remnants of her shaken emotions. She wanted to feel this forever. Forever. It seemed so short yet so long and everlasting that it tempted her to think and believe there was a brighter side amongst all who sought to find it. There was no part of her that told her that meeting the beloved male was a mistake, for her heart could never be happier when this close to him. He had to see, she needed to show that she loved him. When their eyes collided, it was like chemical bonds being met and creating a new substance, as it was forming a new feeling inside her every single time.

Four.. five... six...

Then it ended, the silence returned it was her turn to place a move upon the pile of cards. She was to answer him, but she could not find the words regarding what could make her mood less seemingly unhappy. Cliche lifted her head to press under his chin and burrow into the hair of his neck and shoulder, sighing as she then opened her brightly returned orbs to look into his, "I love you, Tye... you.. and no one else. Every day I wake up and do the same thing over and over and over again, but not once have I had the time to myself in getting away from it all unless it was with you.. Erenyx in truth does not need me, they've survived worse perhaps, but I need you.. I've learned to not care what the others think, however I know what they think of me and that only leads me to believe I will never go anywhere along the chains of importance.." The crispness to her words fed their ways slowly into the male's ears, separating and over throwing the thunder's reign for only her power to contain. She had been waiting for far too long to let this fall from her mouth, her tone as sweet as honey the more she spoke of what her heart said, "You are what makes me feel important and loved, and that's all I've ever wanted.. I've never felt more alive and free when I'm around you, and my life has changed so much since the time to when I met you and what I've learned now.. You give me a reason to smile and long desperately for your presence to suddenly appear... but it was hard to speak. It hurt to think that you'd never feel the same, however telling you all this is my only medicine.. I love you, Tye.. for far away, for far too long and more.." She was afraid he'd leave, that he'd never return the truth she spilled so suddenly and that he'd never speak with her again for the fear of hurting her even more. There was that factor that made her think twice of what she revealed, but she had never seemed more relieved to finally say it. She loved him, more than anything and everything that life could ever offer.
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PostSubject: Re: The Apocalypse Has Begun   The Apocalypse Has Begun Icon_minitimeSat Feb 22, 2014 3:06 am

Accepted! Thanks for joining!
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The Apocalypse Has Begun
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