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  Western -- Kavik

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PostSubject: Western -- Kavik     Western -- Kavik  Icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2014 5:35 pm

Name: Kavik

Gender: Male

Age: 4 Years

Desired Rank/Pack: Warrior/Western

Bio: Kavik is a wolf that is confident in his ability and power. The wolf, being a male of slightly larger size, is a powerful character, though not as fast as he would like to be. The wolf is built to be a warrior, and he is, albeit a reluctant one. He is fairly skilled and clever in the art of combat (or at least he likes to think so), but is not one to fight without reason. Like almost any sane animal, he would prefer to solve an issue with words rather than force almost any day. He does not back down from a challenge however, with one major exception.

Only a few times in his life, has the wolf come across others who are so evil, that their very eyes seem to reflect the hellish fire within their soul. It is these wolves; the ones that can kill and maim and torture without remorse or a thought of good, that instill fear within him. Kavik also believes himself to be a decent reader of personality, and when he meets this type of wolf, he will do anything he can to get as far away from them as possible.

The wolf also is not one to trust with ease, and his narrow minded or perhaps stubborn viewpoints on some issues may make the wolf come across as arrogant at times. When he does not agree with a certain point of view, he may be argumentative as well. Also brought about by this narrow minded and focused mind is a loss of perception of certain, though usually unimportant detail. The almost always takes anything spoken to a literal meaning.

Kavik does have a humorous and joking side too, which is most often apparent around females. He enjoys teasing or annoying them at times, and tries hard to earn their affection. He could be called more of a pleasurer, by this note. As he ages though, the wolf wants more to have some kind of home, a place to live the rest of his life. With little desire to be a leader after past failures, he would be satisfied with an ordinary position.

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Picture(s):  Western -- Kavik  Mongolian-wolf

Backstory: Kavik's origins come from a small group of wolves in the most northern lands. His birth parents were two lovers of this small group; sort of like the alphas, but not really. It was a good group, everyone worked together to provide food and find shelter, with no real Alpha or leader figure. However, as he grew older, Kavik became restless. He liked his home, and loved every member, but wanted to get out and see the world. He was sick of grassy plains and tundra.

His chance came to see the world, in the form of a wandering she-wolf. At just over a year, he left his family to go with her. Together the two made their way to a range of mountains, where they began their own little group, gathering up other young, lone wolves. A young alpha wolf, Kavik made many mistakes at first, but learned quickly. However, a plot between a couple of other wolves saw him lose his mate and his position. Her betrayal pained him greatly, and with little else to do, he left on his own again.

The wolf traveled for the next two years of his life, making a few friends, taking part in his share of battles, and doing the things that a lone wolf does. As he grows older though, Kavik has begun to think that perhaps a life with a pack would be better than being alone. And so, stumbling upon territory of three packs, has decided to see if any would be willing to take him in.

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Western -- Kavik
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