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 Venus - W.I.P

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Venus - W.I.P Empty
PostSubject: Venus - W.I.P   Venus - W.I.P Icon_minitimeMon Feb 24, 2014 4:50 pm

Name: Venus

Gender: Female

Age: 4

Desired Rank/Pack: Delta (To be decided with Lylith)


Enyo is a rather pretty thing, she has a thick coat the color of bronze with reddish browns, darker browns around the top of her head. a few patches of light brown around her chest while it goes into a darker array of various browns down her spinal cord towards her bushy tail. Pointed ears on the top of her scalp with a lining of black around the edges. A few other lines of charcoal black are scraped against her chest like war paint. She has a slim and long snout with a wet black nose on the end. Below and slightly halfway up a few inches under her eyes is a light grey almost white color fur. Below her forehead and above her muzzle rest in perfect balance a pair of strikingly beautiful stormy grey eyes. Her size is moderate but tends to lean towards the smaller division, though her body is compacted of hard muscle and slim, she has long legs that give her a short stature and medium sized paws. Due to her being of french decent she knows French and English and has a French-like accent.

Enyo is a rather interesting she-wolf, she has many personality traits some good others not so much.  

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Venus - W.I.P
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