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 A Deck of Cards (Poetry)

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A Deck of Cards (Poetry) Empty
PostSubject: A Deck of Cards (Poetry)   A Deck of Cards (Poetry) Icon_minitimeSat Feb 22, 2014 2:27 am

Some say I'm bi-polar
Some say It's cause I'm older
I say it's cause I'm many in one
From the things that I do
To the things that I've done
I have a few to be proud of
And a lot to be ashamed
I guess I'm like the wolf
Wild and Untamed
But no one has seen all the cards of me
If they did they'd run and scream
So I keep them in a box and hide from view
But little by little I'll give you a clue
When you finally open the box and lay them all out
Make sure you throw them away so they'll never be found
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A Deck of Cards (Poetry)
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