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 Can Anyone Hear Me? [Alpha/OPEN]

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PostSubject: Can Anyone Hear Me? [Alpha/OPEN]   Thu Feb 20, 2014 3:03 am

Grimm's lips peeled back with a displeased intent behind them. His ears were flattened against his skull and his body was aching in the cold weather. His long canines flopped over his bottom lip, he was an ugly looking wolf, his pelt was odd on the eyes. He had short hair all over his body except for on his rather hunched back and shoulders. His hackles were long and slightly matted. His paws were fuzzy and he had a slight deathly appeal to him. His legs had feathered fur along the back, his rib cage showed, his stomach tucked up and his ears stay flat still. He was not starved and believe it or not, this male once looked good, healthy and happy, but no longer.

His tail flicked gently to the side as he made an odd graceful appearance at the border of the first land he came across. He stood tall as he was very tall and long, his head threw back and a haunting cry for the alpha ran from his tongue. It was hollow, empty, lonely if you will. He let the call die off as he lowered his head again, he didn't have eyebrows but he looked angry. His mouth shut as he stood like a German Shepard, his front paws holding strong, large shoulder muscles tense, his ears flat and his eyes watching around him. His hind end was stretched behind him a bit, his hind legs spread to support him, he had a slight crouch to his stance, as if he was bracing. He watched and waited, the cool winter wind teased his long hackles as he growled lowly, waiting and growing impatient fast.



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Can Anyone Hear Me? [Alpha/OPEN]
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