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PostSubject: Grimm The Warrior   Grimm The Warrior Icon_minitimeThu Feb 20, 2014 2:18 am

Name: Grimm
Gender: Male
Desired Rank/Pack:Warrior/Eastern Pack
Bio:Grimm is thick in build, though skinny in the stomach, he has muscles that lines him completely. Not the best looking of all wolves but he also doesn't try to be. He is tall and lengthy with a nice fitting head and a thick collar of long hackles. He has generally short hair over his body and long hair by his neck and back. His eyes are amber in color and large and small scars litter his body from battle and war. He isn't very easy on the eyes but he aims to strike fear into the souls of others. His ears are long and chewed on, his canines teeth are abnormally long and usually hang over his bottom lip. He isn't missing any teeth. His paws are large for his body but don't cause him any faults. He usually stands with his head high and ears flat, he hates others around his ears. He is 38 inches high and 59 inches long, a much larger build of the gray wolf, he weighs about 120 pounds, he is very very thin and lean for his size. He has a nose and two eyes and that's about it. Grimm is very lifeless. He was once so devious and full of riddles that he often found himself hated. As he grew he learned not to be so restless. Grimm's personality is little to none. He is very serious most of the time and lacks in the laughing category. He usually has a serious look and flattened ears, hackles normally raised at half sail. He is easily angered and often finds himself picking on weaker men. He can't help but be hateful even when he doesn't mean to be. He is sour and grumpy and resorts to tearing other down when spoken to. Though through his grouchiness, once laid love, since the loss of Cassadaga, he had found lack of everything. Grimm is often drifting off into his own world, and can be found in silence staring off into space. He is not easily distracted or fascinated and he is very hard to impress. He does not often show praise but bitter picking on others to keep them working hard, giving up is for losers. He is a hard shelled male with no heart, but he means well in the end.
Secret Phrases: -Removed by Doxy-
Picture(s): Grimm The Warrior <a href=Grimm The Warrior BlackWolf3" />
Backstory (optional):From a young age Grimm lived with his mother, the other pups in the litter were still born making him and Demogorgon the only two. They do not speak with each other often. He was raised by his mother and trained to protect himself and the meaning of family. He holds strong to that. Though from a young age Grimm was always troubled, he had found a dark light inside him to be evil, coming from his fathers side. His mother was killed by his father and Grimm was left to fend for himself. He grew up slowly but as he matured he found home in Avarice, fighting and tearing others apart he took a liking to the idea of it. He grew up hard but knew well what was brought by it. He found love in Avarice, something he had never experienced, Cassadaga became his mate. Though he grew fond of her, life is so short. She was taken from him. He lost her to poison, and his heart was shattered. He took over Avarice, his heart gone with Cass to the heavens. He will never love again. His bitter nature turned into play, though having nightmares of her death and how she must of felt, he often can be found flailing around and howling at night. He has since left that home in search of a new start.
Example Post:<center> <div style="width:410px;background-image:url(http://fate-rpg.net/MISC/GRAPHICS/grimmtable2.png);background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center bottom; background-color: #60b1b3; color: #2f7577; padding: 10px 43px 540px 43px; font-family: arial; font-size: 11px; text-align: justify; border: 1px solid #000">

<p> Grimm's eyes narrowed as he waited, his subordinate dropped the meal and spoke, good. He growled once more before shutting it off. His ears stayed flat as usual, his hackles slowly lowered but not to fast, he was slightly on guard until Edraian picked up his meal and left with it. His eyes laid on Lehphos still as he listened to the two banter back and forth, his hackles bristled in agitation, he had no time for small talk. The male stood up slowly his aching bones were becoming worse with the cooling weather. His dull eyes showed no sign of real life behind them, he ran his tongue over his lips, and he eyed the pair. He wasn't quite sure what to do with them, he knew he was needing Edraian but to send Lehphos with him could be risking seeing as he wasn't a spy. He pondered for a second before growling again and flicking his tail with a step forward.</p>

<span style="color: #eaf7f9"><b>"Now that we are all acquainted remember this, we are a family and even though we fight for our food, you will not steal from your family, you will share. We do not treat each other like we treat those outside of our pack... "</b></span>  

<p>His words were spoken in a deep tone, quiet, Grimm didn't raise his voice very often, he was laid back in all reality but it was a matter of gaining his respect and trust that would show you the calmer side of him. He stepped forward again his head high and his hackles standing then falling every now and again, it was just how he was, no real meaning behind it all, but when there was it was noticeable. He ran his tongue over his scarred lips once more, his ears didn't move as he eyed the pair of them, what would he do with these wolves? He had to find out things on Dirac and Reg. He flicked his tail in thought as he almost began a slight pace past the pair and further away from them. His ears twitched here and there as the voices chatted in his mind.</p>

<p> It wasn't to long before he stopped, his ears lifted slightly to only half tilted back but not facing them, his eyes stared at Lehphos then to Edraian. He had somewhat of an idea, he smirked slightly and paddled around like a little peddle boat, his paws kicking up sand as he trotted towards them again, his thick neck moved with each step, his muscles rolled back and oddly sunken in stomach and ribby appearance sway with some odd grace. He wasn't to easy on the eyes, but then again who really cared? He had earned these scars, they were his history. He halted before them.</p>

<span style="color: #eaf7f9"><b>"You have jobs I expect you to do them... Edraianthus you are being sent to Dirac, to spy, be quiet, be none existent. I need to know whats going on in that pack, they are not our friends. Bring me back a message from Samael or Caden, only show yourself after spying for a few days, make sure you are not on their land when you show yourself, they are like us and don't take kindly. Lehphos, you must go to the north, to Regieren, I need you to find Demogorgon and tell him, he has a war coming and Grimm isn't happy, if he fights you... I expect you to hold your ground. They are not our friends either... You must return to me with a message from him or battle wounds, I know him to well. You will report back to me in 5 days with what you have gathered, I expect to see you in the stone circle. Till then, don't let me see your faces here, your work starts now!"</b></span>  

<p> He barked viciously hackles raised as his words ended. He slowly stepped back and growled again, this was their test and he would see how they do. He bobbed his head as he turned his body and slithered his way into the scenery. He growled loudly and dashed towards the stone circle, it was time to plot with Kantos.</p>

<p>-Exit Grimm-</p>

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PostSubject: Re: Grimm The Warrior   Grimm The Warrior Icon_minitimeThu Feb 20, 2014 2:50 am

Everything looks shipshape, approved! Thanks for joining!

But just one reminder, you may want to use a real photo for your profile image. We don't want artists getting angry with us here ^^.
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PostSubject: Re: Grimm The Warrior   Grimm The Warrior Icon_minitimeThu Feb 20, 2014 3:21 am

I am the artist.... But... I'll try to find something that suits him properly
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PostSubject: Re: Grimm The Warrior   Grimm The Warrior Icon_minitime

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Grimm The Warrior
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