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 Ansel & Aries (WIP)

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PostSubject: Ansel & Aries (WIP)   Ansel & Aries (WIP) Icon_minitimeTue Feb 18, 2014 4:47 am

Name(s): Ansel (Anne-Sul), Aries (Air-E's)
Gender(s): Both male
Age(s): Around 12 weeks
Pack: WIP (I dunno yet...;n;)
Each pup looks are quite different from the other; Ansel was obsidian fur with just a trace of white and brown that sprinkle across his back, while his brother's fur is dusty, sandy and light. One pup's eyes are a soft, sweet green while the other has black rimmed, nearly turquoise eyes. One pup is taller then the other, while the other is more masculine. The brothers are exactly opposite, yet exactly the same. Ansel carries his fathers genes; black fur, big green eyes, a long warrior body. He's a mini-me of his father, which is everything Aries is not. Aris is perfectly, like his mother; light, sandy fur, long legs, slender body, startling blue eyes that are rimmed with darkness. Both pups carry pieces of their parents souls. Despite each one of their differences, each pup has the same facial features; don't be fooled by their cute faces..they do bite.

As for their personalities, well, those couldn't be more different. Ansel is like his parents in many ways. He carries their optimistic, wise, loving and caring ways, while somehow, Aries turned out to be the sour apple of the group. He's rude, bitter and angry. No one in their whole pack knows where they went wrong with that one. Ansel is the type of male you'd see prancing around with others happily, whispering sweet nothings to his mate (if he had one) and a wolf you'd just, want on your side. He's caring to everything; whenever his parents took him out on a hunt he'd thank the dying deer for keeping them alive and giving it's life to them. Aries isn't like that. He never will be. He's evil, and dark. He's always been jealous of his brother, though he can never seem to hate him. Ansel and Aries have a brotherly bond that no one can break; they are inseparable. That's practically why they have survived so long without their mothers guidance and their fathers hunting.

How it all began; two dispersal wolves found each other, fell in love, started a pack which included each wolf's siblings, then gave birth to a litter of five. Each pup was beautiful, though cold winters wiped out many of them. Three pups held onto life, and survived. Kipcha, Aries and Ansel. Two males and one runt of a female. Of course, each pup was special in their own way, though Kipcha, sadly went blind early in life, which led her to be picked on by her siblings. Which led to her being her parent's favorite. Which led to Aries's anger. He wanted the attention, the love, when instead he was scolded for teasing his sister for her disability. "It's a dog eat dog world, dammit!" Aries growled to his brother once, glaring across the den to where his mother was fussing over Kipcha. "We can be better then her. Stupid runt!" he continued mumbling. Though Ansel disagreed, he had to admit that he neither liked his parents constant attention to Kipcha.  As the days grew warmer and the pups grew stronger, Aries continued to hate his sister with Ansel slowly following him.

Slowly, very slowly, did the two brothers begin to accept Kipcha for who she was. Ansel began to see her as their sister finally, though Aries only pitied her.
Just when the two began to open up their hearts to her, humans set fire to the forest, killing animals and separating packs. Aries and Ansel fled to a river beside the borderline, leaving their sister for their parents. Their parents promised they'd come back for them. But for three whole nights the brothers stayed by the river, hungry as they waited for their parents and sister. They never came back. There had been rumors that the pack had regrouped, which gave the pups hope that maybe, maybe they'd come back, but they didn't.  Ansel and Aries kept themselves alive with their little knowledge of hunting skills and running. That's all they ever did. Was run. Slowly Ansel talked Aries into wanting to find another pack. Aries didn't want that. He didn't feel like he needed on, not when he had his brother. But they both came the conclusion that they wouldn't survive another winter without others.

Secret Phrases: -Removed by Doxy-

Example Post: (ish Karou but ah well. From another site!:)

"-I ran away." Azalea spoke, glancing across the lake, watching as fish and otters danced in the water, and how their reflections were cascaded here and there. The pup beside her, tilted his head down, frowning. "Why?" He asked, flicking the end of his tail. Azalea sighed. This pup was full of questions.  "Because I was afraid." She said, giving a shrug.  Raven looked up at Azalea, his grey eyes widening. "You? Afraid?" He asked, shock and disbelief laced together. Azalea gave a nod, staring down at him with furrowed brows. She always acted strong around the sickly pup, but she never thought she gave off the impression that, well, she was never afraid before. "Why?" He asked, which was suspected. Azalea did a double take, thinking. Now that..is a difficult question.  "I often ask myself the same thing.." She confessed, looking away and at her reflection. Azalea wasn't sure if it was just today, or if she had always looked this way. An exact replica of her elder siblings. Except for the fur, of course. Narrow muzzles, long, triangular shaped ears, big, secret kept eyes, a wide chest, fluffed fur. It scared her. "I, erm, was tricked, in a weird way" She began, remembering that day.

"How?" Raven asked, tilting his head to the side, his tail still flicking. Azalea felt herself getting choked up, bringing herself back into reality. "My friend, Brillare, she wanted an escape. And I began to realize, I wanted an escape too! I didn't feel needed, wanted, or cared for, anymore. So, while everyone, the pack's, were off, probably at a meeting, we fled. I should have stayed, but Brill, she made it sound like..if I stayed, then that'd be the worst mistake of my life, but in reality, leaving..was the worse mistake of my life." She explained, wondering if this made sense to the pup. Looking down at him, Azalea watched for his reaction. All she saw was acceptance. This pup, was wise beyond his years. "Well, if you hadn't run away, I wouldn't have met you!" Raven chirped, snuggling into Azalea. She smiled sadly. "How are you feeling today?" She asked, feeling her voice hitch. The pup looked weaker then yesterday...frail and skinny. "Fine, Az." He spoke, and thought he tried to hide his face, Azalea caught the sight of his watery eyes. "I don't wanna leave you." Raven whimpered, after there was a long, period of silence. Azalea looked away from his form, and at the lake again. "You won't leave me. You'll always be with me, you know that, baby." She tried to keep the sadness from her voice.  "I know...but.." Raven began, and didn't continued until a few more seconds. "I don't wanna die." He whispered, and Azalea felt her heart break.
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Ansel & Aries (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ansel & Aries (WIP)   Ansel & Aries (WIP) Icon_minitimeWed Feb 19, 2014 1:19 pm

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Ansel & Aries (WIP)
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