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 Welcome home [Open]

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PostSubject: Welcome home [Open]   Welcome home [Open] Icon_minitimeMon Feb 17, 2014 7:47 pm

The Alphess padded into what she called camp. It was small nor big but just the right size, smiled to herself before turning back to her members."welcome to you home, and plus I'm sorry that I tensed up and gave high rankings all ready, but the past few years we must be alert as battles had broken out through out the years. Plus I think that a pack that's has a strong structure already will be known to be a strong pack. As now wolves are being taken prison and killed for different reason that I find ashamed but that somewhat the only way that we shall live.She grunted a little but returned a smile to reassure them." don't worry we will get to known each other in dues time."

She walked over to a pile where animals lay and she picked a rabbit, grabbing it into her jaw."" you may eat if you like."Calypso said,"there is plenty to go around." she gently set down onto the snow dropping the rabbit itself. Her fangs feared the carcass as soon as her head lowered down. The meat slid down slowly before the Alphess took another bite. The air was cold as usually, but she was glad that two wolves have decided to join her in her mighty pack.

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome home [Open]   Welcome home [Open] Icon_minitimeTue Feb 18, 2014 12:01 pm

Admiral walked into the den, his eyes narrowed and his head high as he observed the area, careful to note down any details - after all, this is where he was going to spend the remainder of his life, and he wanted to make sure that the area was familiar to him and he knew it's every detail. Every little bit of information he got now could make a difference later, as far as he was concerned, and he wanted to reassure himself that if anything did happen - whatever that may be - he was prepared for it. It had been his number one mistake back home, and he had no desire to repeat the experience. Still, it looked decent - it had various little sleeping area for them all (or just for the three of them: after all, Admiral hadn't seen anyone else around so it was likely it was just them for the moment) and it seemed light and airy. It didn't seem too big or too small, and looked fairly comfortable. He eyed the mound of corpses nearby. So who's doing all of the hunting, then? the male thought to himself. Surely, the alphess couldn't hunt all of this by herself. Is there someone else here whom we haven't met yet? It was odd, and he was determined to speak and ask about it at some point. He was the Beta here, he reminded himself. He had a right to ask.

Speaking of which, he still was determined to beat Kenna at the best-beta rivalry contest that had occurred between them. He was still looking down at her now: he didn't approve of her grovelling to get into the pack, and privately didn't think that Calypso made a good decision, making her a Beta as well. How could she, of all wolves, actively lead? It seemed purely illogical, and he knew that he would have to, naturally, pull all the weight for Calypso while she was around - she wouldn't be able to do a good job, and would probably only last a couple of days before either getting the pack killed, or herself from bad judgement. Admiral snorted, wondering how long he was going to last here himself without pulling his fur out a clump at a time. He had a feeling that it was going to be a long stay here at the Eastern Pack if it meant sharing it with this grovelling young female. Even the name didn't sound particularly feminine. Kenna.

When the male heard Calypso speak, he snapped to attention, letting his gaze rest on the ochre female, his ears pricked. Her talk of battles, prisoners and killing intrigued him - the pack had a richer history than he had initially thought, that was clear, and he was wondering if anything else of that ilk was going on now with the other packs in the region. It would certainly make sense of the fact that there weren't many wolves around - maybe this pack had been on the losing side, or something similar, and the rest of the wolves were dead or lying injured somewhere. At this thought, Admiral flattened his ears. It didn't suit him to be on the losing side, and he wondered why this was the reason Calypso was so eager to promote them to second of command level. She had just seen some relatively fit wolves and rolled with it. Hmm. Well, there was one thing for certain about all of this. Admiral was going to try as hard as he could to make this pack improve on it's prospects - partly to show Kenna up, partially for his own pride and partially for the pack's welfare (it may or may not be in that order). He decided to pipe up about it. "My lady," he said, addressing the alphess, "What is our current stance is this said conflict? I would be happy to assist with the strategies and plans we may need." This was indeed Admiral's forte - he enjoyed making such plans, and in his youth had helped his father with these back in his old pack. He enjoyed the activity immensely.

Calypso spoke once more, offering meat from the pile of corpses which lay nearby. The Beta, personally, was hungry, but he did not want to show himself as weak in front of these new wolves - he could eat later, when he was alone and things had settled down a little and he knew the wolves better. For the moment, he wanted, too, to concentrate on other, more important things, like the possible conflict going on now. He wanted all the details, and wanted them now - food, in his mind, was irrelevant and was an activity which could be finished later, when they had more time to themselves and could relax.
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Welcome home [Open]
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