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 Roycee's Application (Northern Pack)

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PostSubject: Roycee's Application (Northern Pack)   Roycee's Application (Northern Pack) Icon_minitimeSat Feb 15, 2014 7:20 pm

Name: Roycee

Gender: Male

Age: 4 Years Old

Desired Rank/Pack: Beta Male/Northern Pack

Bio: His fur is a dark brown, covering his entire body from nose to the tip of his tail. The only thing that isn't a brown is the sides of his muzzle which is a white. His eyes are a piercing dark blue that melts straight into ones soul. Roycee is 3.6 ft. tall, Being 200 pounds his body is nothing but pure muscle. He is big but part of that is because of his fur, which when puffed out can make him seem massive. A few small scars run along his muzzle.

Royce is a strict he-wolf, he makes sure those he gives advice to follow his orders or he scares them into it by either being a bit too sweet or just plain cruel about what could happen should they not listen.

He commands respect no matter his rank. Rank shouldn't choose whether you respect another or not. Neither should years, if one is expected to respect their alpha or elder then everyone else deserves to be given and give respect. It isn't a one way road to him.

To sum Roycee up he's a hard ass. He doesn't have much humor and life is not a game to this male. Three years of living has taught this male that it's easier to die than it is to live. To him it's survival of the fittest. Anyone else that can't follow that rule isn't worth the life they contain. What humor he has doesn't pertain to petty jokes or small talk; he finds humor in the heat of battle and ripping enemies to shreds. Though he enjoys the thrill of a battle this brute doesn't go out and mercilessly kill. He suffers from anger issues at times though and there's times when he can snap and attack those around him. During the days he lives in the past envisioning things to the point where it feels real to him.

He has a natural distrust for others and it takes him a bit to fully get used to another presence. He's a warrior at heart and hopes to die like one; his strong sense of justice and his belief on how the world should be is the only thing that keeps him going.

This male is smart and steady, in a difficult situation he will use his smarts to find an easy way out of a possibly deadly situation if it leads to that. He is accountable and responsible meaning if he is suppose to do something he will most likely do it and will do it correctly. He has no time for people who are impatient. Patience is everything to him and he will often say good things go to those who wait. Roycee was always a dominant male, he isn't afraid to put other wolves in their place and wont stand for disobedience. He is very courageous and isn't afraid of the slightest thing. He will walk into a fight strong and if he doesn't win he will still walk out strong. He wont show weakness to any soul not even if they know him well and if he does then you sure better feel damn lucky.

Secret Phrases: -Removed by Doxy-

Picture(s): Roycee's Application (Northern Pack) RoyceBoom_zps7ddd2052

Backstory (optional): Born within an abandoned den his mother gave birth to a litter of three, two females and one male. His mother named him Roycee, and his father was to decide on what to call the two young females. Eva' and Lene', two very powerful names for two soon to be hard headed, leading ranks. During a playful spar with his sister, Something went terribly wrong. Roycee landed on Lene in an unusual position causing her to become motionless. Her breathing became heavier and shortly after her body became still, and not a sound nor squeak came from within the lupa. As still as she was Royce soon realised what he had done, but questioned himself constantly about how it happened and what went wrong.

A year or so passed and both Roycee and Eva were becoming stronger, fitting the higher ranking perfectly, The pack was striving with members, continuesly increasing in numbers. Loners seemed to take interest in the pack, but Roycee didn't like the crowded atmosphere. More members meant more hunting, the need for more food and water. And the male was just not cut out for running around after everyone else, and not actually doing anything for himself or his sister. During a hunt a screeching sound echoed within the depths of the forest the pack was situated in, alerting members far and wide. Upon approaching the scene their lay the his mother, her body mangled and bloody. To Roycee this was nothing more than a hunt gone wrong. But where was Eva? Nowhere to be seen, nor his father. They had both disappeared but shortly showed up after. Informing his father of his mother's death seemed to take its toll, not only the pack, But ripping the two siblings apart. This is where all broke loose.

Roycee was always fighting, never sparing a life. And although Eva was not one for fighting, she sure gave it he all when brawling with her brother. The pair ended up with a fair few scar's which faded, The worst and more visible scars rested upon; Royce's muzzle, and Eva's Left eye. Though the two siblings never finished one another off, It was never a fight to the death, only until one finally realized how stupid and pointless it was.

Another Summer passed, Only this time the packs numbers were decreasing dramatically. Wolves were literally fighting to the death for a bite to eat, or a drink from the lake that had began to shrink and dry up. Survival at its worse. Fewer and few members remained within the pack and Royce, despite the fact he was in a constant battle with others, began his journey across the vast landscapes within the forest. Battling his way, fighting for his survival he hunted , and fought keeping himself well fed and exercised. Some areas he passed, had never existed until now, but it was not the hidden scenery that caught his attention whilst journeying. It was the scent of another wolf, perhaps a pack? Roycee had no boundaries so trespassing was not something that was a bother to him, nor trouble. Could this be the beginning of a new life for him? Could he perhaps become a part of a family once more? Or will he refuse continue to journey take a false turn and end up weakened and unable to do anything other than end his own life? Only time will tell.

Example Post: (From another rp site I am on)

Walking behind the two was the most grueling thing Roycee could have ever done. Since day one he has always taken a dislike.... No a hate towards Sulena for making Xerxes softer than his normal nature. It wasn't like the alpha was a love sick puppy, whining constantly for a mate, no, but his softness was enough to be considered weakness. The male had tried many times before telling Xerxes to just leave the female, "the barren" and continue on their journey. But the alpha wouldn't have it and getting tired of being snapped at Roycee finally decided to keep his mouth shut: But that didn't mean he didn't have his thoughts.

Xerxes being shoulder to shoulder with none other than Sulena, he fought himself for the urge to gag. Ugh, how he hated she was with them. She was constantly talking in some lovie-dovie tone that rang in Roycee's ears like a siren and today was no different. How could he even take in such a weak, soft female as his mate? Slowing his pace down he came to a stop once the alpha's themselves stopped. Breaking off to the side he came up beside the alpha to see what had caused them to holt in the journey. There on the ground laid a half eaten rabbit, its body jagged all over the place like it had been thrown around repeatedly.

Around its black lips was a crease of white, maybe foam? Saliva? He had no clue. The smell around the dead animal was not that pleasant either, it let out a foul scent of rotting flesh. "That is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen" Sulena said breaking the silence that fell upon them not to long ago.

"Yes, we should probably leave before the scent begins to linger on our fur" Roycee stated, his eyes looking out into the distance to emphasis his words more. Facing the two he gave a simple nod of his head towards Xerxes to see if he agreed. Once he had Roycee went forward, finding himself behind the two once again. The sounds of Sulena's love words and constant nuzzled along with licks made him give a faint scoff in respond. They weren't even half way to their destination and already Roycee could feel himself dying from the warm air that she gave off.
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PostSubject: Re: Roycee's Application (Northern Pack)   Roycee's Application (Northern Pack) Icon_minitimeSat Feb 15, 2014 7:22 pm

Approved! Thanks for joining!
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Roycee's Application (Northern Pack)
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