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 Temple - Western Pack

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PostSubject: Temple - Western Pack   Temple - Western Pack Icon_minitimeThu Feb 13, 2014 1:29 am

Age: 2 Years and 8 Months
Desired Rank/Pack: Alpha Male/Western Pack
Appearance: Average timber/grey coat with standard yellow/gold eyes. Pelt is a little dirty and stands at about 32 inches to the shoulder and is about 4.9 feet in length.

Strengths: Patient Wise Balanced speed and stamina

Weaknesses: Arrogant Vengeful Forgiving

Personality: Temple is a wolf full of mystery and questions. From the moment he was born, he was special in his own way. The box containing the feelings and personalities of his self have only been open to a slight degree. Few have seen his true character, but maybe there's so much more to him than anyone can suspect. The only question is, who can find out what type of character he really is? Temple is finding out himself what traits he possesses and has been satisfied with the discovery so far.

Honor: Honor for Temple is a big key, as well as all the other traits he contains. No matter what the situation is, he will respectfully honor any code, law, rule, or pact that has been established. Even if it goes against others, he will do what his morale and conscious have always done, guide him. He believes that if he fails to do what he is told, then the status of his pack as well as himself will decrease. The last thing he wants is for others to think less of him as an individual.

Loyalty: Loyalty is the key to becoming a great pack. It is what Temple is made of and has always been. Temple would sooner give up his life than give out his pack or betray them in anyway. He believes that with loyalty, comes the key to success in any situation. This is the one thing he values most of all when it comes to other pack members. All he desires is loyalty and in return, he will give his loyalty back. But that doesn't mean that his conscious will interfere with what is right and what is wrong. The moment he feels that the deeds being performed are of not standard of what should naturally be taken, then he will not perform those actions. The only thing he will ever have permanent loyalty to is the alpha leader, for he believes that they are in charge for a reason and knows that whatever deed they do is for the good of the pack.

Wisdom: Temple has been through many dire situations and has gained a vast amount of knowledge with the amount of time he has been alive. He knows how to control any situation that comes into his path. He does not get easily angered as most others do and usually knows how to remain calm and controlled. He believes that if you have learned from a mistake, then it is a lesson and usually does not make the same mistake twice.
Patience: This is a trait that is balanced with the situation it has been paired with. If Temple feels as if the situation deserves patience, then he will give it all the time it needs. But if it is not of importance, then he will waste no time of his on it. You only get one life, so use it as you please.

Romance: This is something that Temple is good at when the mood arises. He will do everything he can to get and maintain the attention of a mate that has caught his eye of interest. It is not hard for him to say a few words with purposeful meaning rather than spitting out a few words just to get satisfaction. When Temple is partnered, he is committed to the very end. He treats his partner with as much as respect as he has for himself and will never belittle his significant other.

History: Temple, son of Jarrod, was born into a pack that had little to begin with. He never asked for anything and was always respected of by his other siblings. His former pack was struggling to stay alive due to winter approaching so quickly. Food was significantly scarce, so his parents would have to hunt snow rabbits and small birds that could barely feed the pack. Because it was only the parents who were the eldest of the pack, the father would hunt while the mother would watch the pups. But it became harder and harder for the mother to keep up with all of them. The youngest of them had wandered off to far from the den. As Temple and the rest of his siblings remained in the den, The mother went in search of their younger sibling. But as night began to swallow what little daylight was left, the sibling was never found. Two Years have passed since then, and the pack had managed to survive. Temple was old enough to leave his pack and start or find his own. Temple has ventured through many situations alone, but has managed how to survive using instinct and the land around him. Temple hunted smaller animals rather than larger ones, for he knew that it was easier to obtain 20 smaller prey than take on one large prey by himself. His longing of wanting to belong and needed grew each day as he continued to age. Surviving alone in the harshness of nature has heighten his sense's and made him more quiet and more self dependent.
Secret Phrases: -Removed by Doxy-
Picture(s):Temple - Western Pack D39t72D6SXwEbN_Svwai
Example Post:
(From another web I'm on.)
Sniffing the air, trying to find what ever scent that ran across. Hopefully a scent that would be food for him and Virginia. Of course if there wasn't enough he would bring whatever he found to Virginia first before eating it himself; making sure she was taken care of first. Deeper and deeper he went into the forest that never seemed to end with trails of trees. Birds singing to each other, another indication that winter was over.

Ears turning and tuning to the variety of forest sounds, he heard the snapping of a twig. Sniffing in the direction of the sound, he picked up the scent of a wild boar. Temple had dealt with boars before, but they were no easy kill. As he continued to follow the scent, he spotted the boar. It was no bigger than he was and looked as though it had sprained its back left leg, making it easier to take down. "This should be easy." Temple whispered to himself as he began to stalk the boar.

Temple was thankful that the boar could not put up a fight, which made it easy to kill. A tear of the throat finished the job and he was soon filling his stomach. He hadn't eaten like this in a long time and the fresh juice of blood  that swam through his teeth only made him hungrier. Slicing the meat with his canines, Temple had eaten a good portion. He grabbed a chunk of the boar meat for Virginia and began to head back to the den.
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PostSubject: Re: Temple - Western Pack   Temple - Western Pack Icon_minitimeThu Feb 13, 2014 9:09 am

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Temple - Western Pack
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