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PostSubject: Karou-Northern Pack WIP-    Karou-Northern Pack WIP-  Icon_minitimeWed Feb 05, 2014 12:53 am

Name: Karou (Kuh-Roo)
Gender: Female
Age: 3 and 4 months of age.
Desired Rank/Pack: Beta
Her coat is everything you'd expect of female whom belonged to a long lasting breed know as; Canis lupus arctos. Her fur is a glorious winter color, which gives her many advantages during the cold, snowy seasons.  Just as it is thick, it is long. Her fur hangs down from her stomach, just as it does around her neck, and cheek area. Near her ear, back and rump area, the fur turns from a snowy white to a light grey, all in all allowing her to blend in when hunting. Her eyes are a warm, charming brown color, just as her mother's were.  Karou's built isn't as her fur would make her seem. She has a slender form beneath all of the fur, with long body. Her chest is wide, giving her a look as though she has much muscle, and her legs are long. Though she is slightly short, you should never allow that to fool you. The fem was a powerful bite, and with her long legs, she capable of giving a long, hard chase.   Now, for her personality. Karou is rather quiet female with a tender yet tainted heart. She just...doesn't understand why she needs to speak.  Wolves can read her body language. And besides, in her old pack, no one even listened to her, so why bother speaking if none will listen? Why try to prove herself worthy when no one cared to notice her? It makes perfect sense if you think about it. Her father was always the demanding type, he HAD to be heard. Karou on the other hand, well, if she feels like no one wants to hear her voice, listen to her speak, then she won't speak.Though, if she has allowed you to come closer, to open her up, she'll blabber about this and that, the weather, food, other wolves,  wolves whom she finds charming, pups she find adorable. Perhaps she'd even open up about her own family.  The wolves she misses dearly. Or even about how much she wishes she could be like her mother. Karou's mother, she didn't need anything. Or so she acted like. She was so....strict with herself. Never did she allow herself to doing something that...didn't seem worthy of doing. Denelli,  Karou's mum, didn't need other wolves. And Karou wished she was the same. As for her other side, the side in which demons in her soul run free, well, that's a side you should hope not to find yourself met with; she can become angry and disastrous within seconds of an insult; she's highly fascinated with war and battles, just the though of death can send this strange fem into a blissful day dream.

As for her story, well, it starts out just as any others. Two young wolves left their home packs to find a mate and start a pack of their own. Denelli was older then Philip though, so their relationship had some rough patches, though the two worked it out. They were in love, after all. Finally after waiting for so long, Denelli grew pregnant though she was deeply worried. They had bred a bit late and Den wished not to have her offspring in the cold of winter, nor any earlier. They had to be on time. Which they were. Denelli had four pups to be exact, though one pup died just after birth. Each pup looked exactly the same though each had a grey mark in different spots. Alec, the eldest, had a grey patch of fur running down his muzzle, Jas, the second born, had a grey spot along side his rump. Then, there was the the semi- runt of the litter. Karou. She had the grey along her ears and down her back, as well as one just in the middle of her bushy tail.  Now things changed. Tragedy after tragedy.  That's the things went. Her father was shot by a hunter, her mother died of disease. Both parents left their pups to defend for themselves too early. Though Alec tried to help his siblings strive, the pups luck had ran out along time ago. Jas, sadly, fell to the same fate as his mother, and Alec ran away from Karou, leaving her for a little ebony female.  

Left alone to face the world at the age of two, Karou kept her muzzle held high though she found it incredibly impossible to defend/hunt for herself. She hadn't been properly taught, you see. Just as another terribly cold winter approached, Karou met a lovely elderly wolf named Safie, and together they hunted, basically keep each other alive until Safie slowly faded away from old age. The death of her old friend saddened her heart, though Karou was used to beings she loved leaving. Carrying on, the young adult kept herself alive for more winters,springs,summers and falls. She never settled down for too long, though. Every little home she made she ended up leaving behind, seeking a bigger, better adventure. Along the way she was reunited with her brother Alec, though she denied his offer to join his pack, carrying her anger and jealously away from his new packs as she continued on. She was upset that he had left her just to rebuild another pack, one that not only had his pups, but had other wolves. She wasn't sure how one could do that. Trade in his own blood for another, then expect it to all be better. Through her journey she met lone wolves, some of them males whom sought out her love, though she never did pay much attention to them.  She was seeking adventure, not for a lover who promised her sweet nothings.

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Picture(s): WIP

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PostSubject: Re: Karou-Northern Pack WIP-    Karou-Northern Pack WIP-  Icon_minitimeSat Feb 08, 2014 7:28 pm

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Karou-Northern Pack WIP-
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