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 Alpha Paradox - Northern Pack

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PostSubject: Alpha Paradox - Northern Pack   Alpha Paradox - Northern Pack Icon_minitimeThu Oct 17, 2013 10:05 pm

Name: Paradox
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-four Seasons (6 years)
Desired Rank/Pack: Alpha
As a youngster, Paradox was always the rebellious one of his litter, the one who would find ways around rules or simply make his own up if he wished. Punishment was nothing to him and meaningless, it was wasted time and energy. When he wasn't going off doing his own thing, he would spar with his two other brothers and tiny sister, though at times he went a little overboard and ended up seriously injuring one or more of them, which occasionally brought out the caring in him as he would then seek them attention. Needless to say, Paradox didn't know his own strength. By the time he was old enough to either take up an apprenticeship or hold an official rank within the clan, he refused all offers and went of to train himself from knowledge that he had obtained himself while exploring and what not about the territory limits. He had grown stronger with each passing day, training himself to become the same great warrior that his grandfather had been before his valiant death; he had always wanted to be just like him. Paradox never knew just how much he would need his inner and physical strength on a most unfortunate winter night...

After a long day's worth of training and a satisfying meal, Paradox had just retired to his den for the night to catch some much needed sleep. Apparently fate and the great spirits had other plans... He was awoken by screams and wails, war cries and snarls rumbling through the dark tunnel of a den that he had. They had been invaded by a rival blood thirsty clan from the far east mountains who showed no mercy to any wolf, nor young nor weak... By the time dawn had sprang up from the hills, the camp had been destroyed and bodies from both the enemy and his clan had been strewn about the land, laying limp and in bloody heaps of fur and flesh. Not a thing moved, not even the scarce leaves that had yet to fall on the surrounding trees... Their numbers had been decreased significantly and less than eight or so of them were left, mainly warriors and those who were luck to have survived. Though none of them were of his family... Paradox had eventually found each of their ragged and torn bodies, only being able to recognize them by vague markings.. Even his mate had been slaughtered during the invasion, along with his unborn pups. Paradox had officially lost everything... His brothers and sister, his mother and father, even his mate and children. There was no reason for him to stick around the territory anymore... And he left that very morning after burying his loved ones, without a single word nor another slip of a tear, for a new beginning...

This burly, ebony colored male has become more laid-back from his once rambunctious self as the years have progressed though deep down he still has a lick of rebellion in him and his heart is that of a warrior which will never leave him. Paradox is not afraid to tell a wolf off, no matter their rank, and will speak his mind at the most inappropriate times without much thought. But don't get him wrong; he does have a caring and kind side to him which is present in most occasions or you are lucky enough to bring it out in him through conversation or whatnot. Though, just like any other male; he doesn't hesitate to chase after a female in heat. His days as a rogue had increased the want to of this though Paradox never took much of an interest in doing so back when he was a clan wolf, instinct overpowered him over time.

Secret Phrases: N/A
Example Post: (From another site I am a part of)


That was what the lot of them had become. The amount of prey within their valley had dwindled down to nearly nothing with the help of humans chasing their food source to other lands. A wolf was lucky to get scraps and bones and that was on a good day... Each morning, he along with a few other males would push beyond the territory borders in hopes of finding even a few measly rabbits and run the risk of ambush from the rivaling pack. All was worth it to feed the weak and young of the pack, risks that they were willing to take in order to survive that harsh and unforgiving winter. Never had such a cruel season rest upon their land in well over a decade, and it couldn't have struck at a worse time. The first patrol had returned a few hours before Blitz's unit, within those precious few hours all hell broke loose within the superiors who shared different opinions on what the pack should do. Most suggested moving to a new territory in hopes of more bountiful prey. Others argued to stay as the territory had been home to the pack for dozens of generations and they were not about to abandon it.

Brother turned on brother.

When he and his splinter group returned, there was only havoc, blood was painted across the camp, bodies and limbs strewn about. Everyone had just.... Snapped. He watched as his comrades, his friends, his loved ones, were ripped apart and devoured while they were still alive. All it took was the taste of blood on their tongue and some sick, cannibalistic monster came out in the wolves that had once been his packmates. It was a sight that dwelled in nightmares, that plagued the darkness of one's thoughts, and all he could do was stand there in the blistering cold and watch paralyzed with shock and confusion. Those savages dragged his mate out of their den and pinned her down while one tore her right open to rip out their unborn young while she watched. The wolf holding her by the throat promptly ended her life as the others continued to feast upon her corpse.

A large brute had taken him by surprise and tackled him down into the snow snarling and snapping his jaws as Blitz struggled underneath him. Blood dripped down on the black furred male's face from his attacker; his own brother, whom no longer was the same wolf that he once knew. This male had a crazed and rabid look in his pale yellow eyes that wanted to see nothing more than death and blood, he too had turned into a cannibal like the rest of them had. The two struggled in the snow exchanging fangs into flesh and spilling each other's blood upon the white blanket that coated the ground around them. Blitz knew that there was no way he was going to bring back the male that he had grown up with, his brother had become lost inside the savage that was now pinned beneath him."Im sorry, Denali..." His fangs buried deep into the other's neck, he tightened his jaws and held on as the wolf beneath him still fought for those last few precious moments before his body went limp and finally no movements came.

Weeks passed since that day...

With a limp, the brute slowly trekked farther through the dense snow having little feeling in his paws now. His wounds had not been tended to properly and began to open once more and bleed, the sickening stench of infection obvious if one was to come close enough. It had been two weeks? That sounded about right, two weeks since he abandoned his home lands in search of a safe haven, anywhere to be honest; he just needed to escape from those ravenous creatures that had taken over his pack. He understood very little even at this point, as to just what caused them to snap the way that they had. Lack of food, possibly. Primitive instinct, too. Blitz had gone over the possibilities a thousand times over in his head and still nothing made sense to him, all he knew was that those wolves were no longer themselves and no longer a pack that he wanted to be a part of. Just the thought of consuming his own brethren... He began to gag at that, though nothing but a dry heave would leave him as there was not a lick of food in him. Hunting had been difficult in his state and he had to resort to scavenging off of abandoned kills, most of the time which weren't as abandoned as he had thought. Blitz was truly starving at this point and didn't know how much longer he could continue walking; he was at the verge of giving up and allowing and endless sleep to take him away.

His leathery nose twitched furiously and he tilted his cranium back to take in the aroma that had passed him by, or rather, that he was nearing. The scent was recent and strong, a clear sign that a more dominant wolf had been by not all too long ago and that this was pack land. Border markers he knew well and even if it was tempting to push past he had to obey instinct that told him otherwise. His golden hues slowly swept over the land before him as he made a quick analysis of the situation, if there was a wolf out there close enough, they would smell him for sure. A life of solitude was no life for him; he craved companionship and unity. This was worth a shot. Blitz rested back on his sore haunches in the cold snow, ears flicking back in forth before he raised his muzzle to the grey sky and unleashed a loud and rumbling deep howl, a song that he hoped was heard. A chance was all that he was asking for, either to be accepted in or cast away. New life awaited him or a sure death.
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Alpha Paradox - Northern Pack
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